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The following stories are taken from a site where webcam models discuss their work, share the secrets of their craft, and gossip about clients.

… Now about the tricks: if you want the instrument to look deeper, you take two identical toys and cut one off in half or more then you change them without anyone noticing and it turns out deeper, deeper … I got the hang of it so that even on a very large zoom it looks like very deep.

… In my old studio, a girl did squirt shows. She had an empty dildo inside, like a rubber bulb (syringe). So she filled it with milk. And during the private sessions, she squeezed it so that all this milk was poured into her pussy. And naturally, fountains of that liquid sprinkled from there. There are quite a few fans of such a spectacle.

… I can’t imagine how to work without toys. I have all sorts of well-bending and cut in half dildos. And my girlfriend also has toys but not just dildos. It’s different vaginal balls. In real life, of course, this is tough, especially when there are more than 20 private shows per day.

… When I got into this industry, the girls taught me how to cum. You imitate convulsions and then gently imperceptibly pour milk or face cream on your pussy. The members like that so much. You also go to any porn tube, type in the best women orgasm compilation into the search bar – and hour after hour you watch how these ladies cum. You just copy your favorite to the best of your ability and acting skills.

… If the member does not see what he wants, he will not become your high tipper. Unfortunately, you can’t really imitate with such members, especially with those who love to zoom.

… I’m generally lazy. I was just about to go to sleep when I was invited to a private chat that lasted for an hour and a half, I almost fell asleep right there. Even my mascara started to drip.

… A friend came … stayed for a long time and late .. 🙂 Well, I went to the chat room a little earlier … I thought to myself that I’ll lie down for 2 minutes until the private starts… well, I passed out … the member came in, and I’m sleeping …. he tried everything to wake me up.. eventually went to the admin … in short, I woke up, of course, after 2 hours .. and I had a message from the admin with a warning … dear, it’s not good to sleep in private chats… This already happened, so it was the last warning, I’ve been vigilant since then.

… You can buy 2 dildos that are the same. Make a hole in one or cut it in half to make a cavity. Pour liquid. During a private chat, imperceptibly change one to the other and squeeze strongly when it is supposedly there.

… Girls, don’t suffer – a special toy has already been invented. Inside it is empty, it is best to fill it with rice broth, it is not liquid and looks somewhat like semen. This toy is called CumShot, it is in online stores. Just look for it. And one toy is enough, the hole is invisible there, nothing needs to be changed.

… The most plausible liquid for squirt: a spoonful of starch is poured into half a glass of boiling water. Cools down. The colorless slime-like liquid, which very much resembles jizz and is harmless for pussy, is drawn into a large syringe, well, or in the CumShot toy 🙂 Well, then, during a private chat, as imperceptibly as possible, it is squeezed into your vagina. The squirt is ready. You can just put some lotion on your palm and smear it on the pussy.

… I was also interested in what squirt is. And so I watched a video on the internet about it. Squirt is just some kind of fountain as if a pipe had burst. Only a member can believe in the reality of this 🙂

… I played squirting quite simply. You dilute the body milk with water to a translucent color, and then you show this thing into a syringe, at the right time (preferably on your knees) you put the syringe behind your back, closer to your ass, and press the plunger. The stream of the syringe can be controlled, many members like it sharp, and some like it slow and for a long time. And members get the impression is that it trickles exactly “from there” 😉 The main thing is that it is you don’t need to pour anything into your pussy, otherwise, it is not known how your organism will react to milk inside your pussy, regardless of being natural…

… Ahahahah, girls, well, you are сracking up. I have been working for three years, even more! I advise you not to shove or pour anything into yourself! Stretching your pussy or pouring in any nonsense is not worth it for the sake of jerks, they are still perverts. If they ask for a fist in the ass, do you also do it naturally? o_O
Everything is imitated well, you just have to get the hang of it.

… I’ve been webcamming for two and a half years. I pampered myself as I wanted, saved up for the wedding. Now we postpone housing, it seems like everything is ok so far (pah-pah). I don’t want to change anything yet, for a start I still need to buy an apartment, and then we’ll see. Although I feel, it will start: I want a car, I want to travel, and I want to buy some crap) and you don’t even know if you will ever leave camming or you will die on the bed in a “combat” position. Although it is exhausting emotionally.

… I’ve been doing this for 10 years already 🙂 (two years of them were in the decree) The main goal has been achieved – a house has been built. Often a thought visits – my pussy has earned all of that 🙂 Sometimes I dream of leaving this for a normal job, no one except my husband knows … now I work in a relaxed way, 4 days a week, but still, I earn more in the cam industry than anywhere else, so probably I’ll meet my retirement here … and who will take a 30-year-old with no seniority after university? 60% of my earnings come from my loyal fans, sometimes it grows up to 100%, I always try to write down the names and what the member loves – they are delighted with it and return (except, of course, five-minute jerks) and I feel better – “turned on the program” and relaxed my brains))

… Came to the webcam in July 2017, but left after a month, lol. I thought I would get millions of dollars for my smile and ass flashes, but the reality turned out to be cruel … returned in December. But in another studio, I urgently needed money for winter shoes … I’m still working, and I’m not going to give up yet. Money for the university will not accumulate by itself, and it is necessary to feed my kittens.

… My mistake is that I was going to collect a minimum wage every day, and if I didn’t earn it, I was upset. I even thought to myself that camming might not be the place to earn … Sex for men is like food. Anyway, sooner or later, any person will want to eat and start spending money on food, so, as long as there are men, money will not run out there. I do not belong to the category of virgins who do not earn anything at all, I have trump cards there, I know English, and I can philosophize, so.

… When I worked at the studio, a funny thing happened – the girl was asked to have sex on the phone, she gave a number, the member called, and she started singing Russian songs, eventually he became her loyal tipper 🙂 I, too, try to surprise with eccentricity and positiveness, not always members stay, but if they stay, they come back for a long time.

… At first, I went for idle talk … starting from “wow, Pamela Anderson was born in your town!” to stupid things like “how old did such a fantasy come to you?” Once I was discussing a members daughter’s monthly period and the wedding of his son during a whole private chat 🙂 If the member says that he is married, 100% he will not mind whining and complaining about problems in their family life … you sit and listen…

… It’s even scary to think how long I’ve been in cams. Since 2000, I started with aif and so on down the chain. 18 years! The era of dial-up members and endless lags … This is already a way of life, I can’t imagine what I could’ve achieved without a webcam.

… Real show? I doubt that anyone is able to do it at all. Someone wants me to squirt, someone wants a big half a meter toy, and a gag deepthroats, someone wants to see double penetration and someone would like a hard anal with two toys. When you watch porn, all of that is there, but how can this be done in real life with a large zoom and on a camera? Only exclusive toys, because it is not possible to put a half-meter hose into your ass! I myself saw such a video of a girl who simply put a half-meter (double) dildo into the ass with light movements and it disappeared there, and then she just pushed it out! It’s a worthwhile show and impressive, but not possible.

… Bluff and provocation. Sometimes you can’t even take hard anal sex with a toy just once, 20 sex shows in a row. A horse can’t handle it. And then how to sit on a chair? Nobody does that in reality, and if anyone tries, then they will not work at all.

… Probably, you still need to learn how to imitate hardcore. I have the same thing: a small toy for a pussy, and I do anal with only one finger. But this is the Stone Age, when the members on Jasmin ask: do you have a big toy for anal sex, I show them that I only use my fingers. They ask how many fingers? And I reply that I only use one. They laugh and leave, even the guests laugh. And when they ask to show a toy cam, they ask if I have another, a large toy … Well, what can you do about it.