Adult webcam history

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The first live chat broadcast was launched 28 years ago. There were no modern digital technologies at that time, and the video format was analog broadcast which officially ended on June 12, 2009. This was reflected not in the best way both on the quality of the picture and on the data transfer speed. But progress does not stand still, and over the course of 28 years, webcam streaming has become one of the most effective ways to transmit online broadcasts.

First webcam model

Jennifer Ringley is considered to be the first cam model. In 1996, this girl made the decision to do what is now called a “reality show”. She set up a webcam in her room and broadcasted her daily life online. Naturally, the camera lens filmed all the intimate moments of her life, including dressing up and sex.

Despite the low quality of the image, the lagging video (it looked like slowly changing slides), Jennifer’s channel was visited by more than 500 thousand users per day. Even then, something similar to public and private chats appeared. The fact is that the free version of the channel updated the image from the camera every 20 minutes, and the paid version – every two minutes.

After Jennifer, other girls appeared. They began to film their lives and themselves. They quickly realized that users were interested in xxx content. Therefore, the most popular were those channels on which girls often appeared naked in front of the camera. They used the following tools to spice up their streams: sex toys, erotic lingerie, striptease. Come to think of it, these techniques are still used by cam girls.

The emergence of the webcam industry

Naturally, adult companies appeared to provide narrowly focused services. They were intrigued by those cam models and wanted to take a piece of that cake. The first serious step in this direction was made by the Playboy brand. The corporation launched its own adult channel on television, where naked girls and their erotic games were constantly broadcasted.

Of course, the video quality on the adult channel was much better. However, the popularity of the channel dropped significantly with the appearance of the first webcam studios. The main reason for this was that webcam studio visitors could choose the girl they liked and ask her to do something special.

The first private webcam studios appeared over 20 years ago, in 1999. They were incredibly popular not only among the visitors of these video chats but also among the girls working in the sex industry.

The advantages of the webcam industry continue to attract women from all over the world. Such work started to be associated with safety, anonymity, freedom of action unlike prostitution and working in porn. Unlike prostitutes, girls do not need to visit disadvantaged areas of the city, risk their health and life. Their faces are not known to the whole world like porn actresses. And a girl can refuse an unpleasant member at any time.

Categories of webcam sites of the past

As online streaming spread around the world, several categories of webcam sites emerged. The first of these included amateur filming. These sites included the channels of Jennifer Ringley’s followers who filmed their lives and showed them to the public.

The second category included web studios that were beginning to gain popularity, which filmed girls using high-quality cameras and provided the necessary requisites. This category of webcam sites of the past was called “professional” broadcasting, although the image quality and approach to the implementation of the idea among webcam studios of that time was quite amateurish.

The third category included sites for voyeurs, that is, people who like to spy on the intimate lives of others. The difference between these sites and amateur channels was that the people whose lives were broadcasted online did not know about the filming. Now such broadcasting will be illegal, and serious problems await the person who installed the hidden camera. And at that time, the legislation was not ready for a breakthrough in progress and covert filming was very, very popular.

How webcam models worked in the past

Despite the numerous advantages of being a webcam model over prostitution and filming in porn, models of the past worked in difficult conditions. The girls had a busy schedule, and they worked with inconvenient equipment.

Filming took place in cramped booths, half of which were taken up by bulky equipment. Due to the fact that it was very hot, it was cooled using fans and air conditioners. Naturally, naked girls were very cold in such an environment and often caught a cold.

The complexity of the work was greatly increased by the equipment. There was no voice recording yet, so communication with the members was only possible via online chat. The show had to be constantly interrupted for correspondence with site visitors.

Webcam industry development

Over time, the webcam industry began to develop. Sites have acquired a certain focus, a specific webcam theme of the content. The site visitor found himself or herself in the atmosphere of a “female hostel”, “college” and such.

The working conditions have also changed. Site owners quickly realized that the most sought-after models were rested, healthy models who enjoyed playing with themselves on camera. And the equipment became more and more compact and of high quality.

The first catalogs and ratings of webcam sites appeared. There was even a channel that reviewed popular webcam services. And everything was assessed: the quality of the video, the originality of the behavior of the models, the interface. Models and cameramen were interviewed, their stories were published in thematic blogs and printed periodicals.

The turning point was Bella French’s project. The girl worked as a webcam model for three years before creating her own service. She took into account all the shortcomings of the existing approach and created the first platform of modern webcam services. Her work has influenced the entire industry and turned it into the kind of business that girls around the world are now actively involved in.